It’s boring without potatoes

Whether prepared with love by mom and dad or plated by accomplished chefs, this much is certain: the potato is a staple comfort food. At once common and refined, in Quebec, it is our favourite vegetable.

Boy, do we like our potatoes

The potato is a nutritious vegetable that is part of a healthy diet. It also happens to be very versatile. Have fun discovering the potato is all its forms!

Explore the potato’s many colours

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A love story from our very first bite

Here in Quebec, we’ve been crazy about potatoes for centuries: they are at the core of our culture and the heart of our kitchens. From classic shepherd’s pie to our mom’s home fries, but also our grandmother’s scalloped potatoes à la dauphinoise, the spud has been making our meals appealing since we were kids, from one generation to the next.

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