5 tips for cooking potatoes in under 20 minutes

s making potatoes a drag? Absolutely not. Here are 5 ways to cook them in a jiffy.

Microwave ‘em

Wash and pierce potatoes with a fork before microwaving them for 8 to 10 minutes, turning them halfway through. Easy-peasy.

Grate ‘em

Grate raw potatoes, adding a bit of flour and slicing them into biscuits that you can then cook in the skillet with a bit of oil, for 5 to 10 minutes. Delicious for breakfast.

Cut ‘em up

To make mashed potatoes very quickly, cut potatoes into small pieces before boiling them. This will speed things up and you’ll be enjoying your mashed potatoes in no time.

Boil them baby potatoes

Boiling baby potatoes is the quickest way to make them. Delicious with a dab of butter!

Slice ‘em

Thinly slice some potatoes, steam them for about 8 minutes, pat them dry and sauté them in a skillet for 5 minutes in a bit of oil and herbs.

Quand je fais des patates au four, j’en fais toujours plus. Je garde les surplus au frigo et les utilisent dans les jours qui suivent pour les transformer en rissolées, en grecques ou en salade aux patates, en quelques minutes seulement !

- Josée, Patates Dolbec