La patate

Une pomme de terre moyenne renferme près de deux fois plus de fibres qu’une grosse tomate.

Une pomme de terre moyenne renferme quatre fois plus de protéines qu’une portion de panais.

Une pomme de terre renferme plus de fer que le fenouil.

Une pomme de terre moyenne renferme 1,5 fois plus de potassium qu'un gros pleurote.

Une pomme de terre moyenne contient près de 12 x plus de vitamine C qu’une tasse d’aubergine.

On retrouve dans la pomme de terre autant de fibres que dans la bette à carde.

Une pomme de terre moyenne contient 6 fois plus de fer et 3 fois plus de potassium que la rabiole.

Une pomme de terre moyenne contient davantage de fibres, de vitamine C, de fer et de potassium que le raddichio.

On retrouve dans la pomme de terre davantage de fibres et de protéines que la courge spaghetti.

Une pomme de terre moyenne contient plus de potassium que le chou kale.


A surprising vegetable…Dare to compare it

Un légume santé
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In Quebec, fresh fruit and vegetables for sale to consumers are not genetically modified.



Select a variety

Comment les conserver
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Be cool! Store your potatoes in a ventilated, cool and dry place.


It has come a long way!


Potatoes have not only nourished populations since the beginning of time, they have also nourished humanity’s imagination. Discover their surprising history.

8 000 years B.C.
Potatoes were cultivated on the Andes’ high plateau where they grow in the wild. The Incas called them “papa”.

Potatoes take a boat. Discovered during the Spanish Quesada expedition in Columbia, the vegetable was brought back to the Old World.

Deprived of their livelihood in the winter, Belgian fisherman had the idea to cut potatoes into the shape of fish and fry them. It was the birth of fries.

Frederick the Great of Prussia created an edict making it mandatory to grow potatoes, at the risk of having your ears cut off! Ouch!

In France, the military pharmacist Antoine Parmentier identified the nutritional value of the potato during a famine. He identified over 40 varieties.

Russians peasants had a lot against the potato and revolted against serfdom, brutal sanctions, and requisitions that they were subject to. Their revolt was called the Potato Riot.

One million deaths, two million emigrants, and two million refugees resulted from Irish Potato Famine caused by potato blight, a type of fungus, which almost halved Irish potato production.

To give a difficult client a lesson, an American restaurant owner served him finely sliced potatoes cooked in boiling oil. The client picked up one of these potato chips and liked what he crunched!

Van Gogh paints The Potato Eaters.

End of the 19th century
Ground meat, corn, potatoes! “Chinese pie” (pâté chinois) saw the day during the construction of the trans-Canada railway. The labourers, who were mostly Asian in origin, were nourished with this low-cost dish.

It was the golden age of the potato sack race. The Olympic Games in St. Louis even presented a potato sack-racing event.

The Belgian Victor Simon invents the first food mill and potato masher that revolutionizes cooking. Since then, potatoes have been a crushing success!

The patent was filed for the potato peeler, offered in many different designs today. Just like the Willie Waller 2006. Unbelievable!

The discovery of aerosol technology excites the scientific imagination. Unfortunately, spray mashed potatoes never saw the light.

Marilyn Monroe poses in a dress make from an Idaho potato sack.

The chore of peeling the potatoes is finally over! Instant mash potatoes appear on supermarket shelves.

At the age of 45, Mister Potato Head obtains an important role in the Toy Story Trilogy (1995, 1999, 2010).

The potato takes flight to take root in space during a mission of the NASA Space Shuttle Columbia29.

The International Year of the Potato. Indispensable to the balance of the world’s food supply, it contributes to the fight against hunger and poverty.

The world’s biggest potato found in China measured 40 cm long, 30 cm wide and weighed 15 kilos. Now that’s a surprising potato!

Potatoes are the fourth largest crop grown worldwide.
Versatile and full of nutriments... it is an undisputed champion!